Centuries of history

The first trace of Château Magdeleine Bouhou dates back to the 18th century, with the evocation of “Domain Bouhou” in a register

Bouhou or “Bouhar” in local language, it means to blow.

Early in 1968, Chateau Magdeleine-Bouhou had been classified Premier Cru Bourgeois in the second edition of “Bordeaux and its wines”, see the Ch. Cocks & Ed. Feret reference guide.

In 1908, Jean Chaumet bought the property with his savings, but he died prematurely in 1922. His son Roger stopped his lawyer studies and took over his father’s estate. As a visionary, in 1930, he decided to sell the 1929 mythic vintage by bottle.

In 1954, his daughter Mireille, married the winemaker Guy Rousseau. Dynamic and enterprising, he has done a lot of work to develop the property, until the succession of his daughter, Muriel, in 2004.

Muriel Rousseau-Revaire knows the work of the vine by heart. She wishes to follow the spirit of the domain that lasts for three generations.  Under her direction, the property has evolved and undergone improvement works.

Bouhou or “Bouhar” in local language, it means to blow.  A name inspired by the strong wind which is generated by the Gironde estuary. So strong, that it could make play alone “Boha”, the local bagpipe.

In the 19th century, the estate became the property of wine merchants from Bordeaux : MM. Arnaut and Jeantet. The wife of Mr. Arnaud and the daughter of Mr. Jeantet were both named Madeleine and they had strong personalities. As a link between these two families, the property took the name Magdeleine-Bouhou.


The same family since 1908

In 2010, Muriel Rousseau-Revaire has chosen Stéphane Derenoncourt as a consultant in order to obtain the best of her property and “terroir”. One of the goals is to produce wines of high quality adapted to new modes of consumption while keeping the spirit of the domain. To complete this ambitious task successfully, Muriel Rousseau-Revaire relies on a dynamic and strong team comprising Frederic Marchais and Yann Couturier for the technical and commercial parts respectively.