From the vines to the cellar

An approach, as sensitive than pragmatic, is committed since 2010.

The quality of the wine is strongly related to the ecosystem's quality. Everything starts with the soil and the vine to produce wines of high quality. The work concerns the whole property, with a guideline: stay as close as possible from the grape and the wine. An identification and a valorization of the best plots are established. Some sectors are clearly identified, some plots are sold and some other ones, of very good quality, are bought.

To valorize the estate and to respect the typicality of the grape varieties, a sustainable winegrowing method is applied, combining biological, mechanical and cultural methods of soil conservation.

There is no great wine without good grapes. It’s with this philosophy that several works are engaged in order to harvest healthy grapes of good quality and with a perfect ripeness. Winter’s sowing (cereals between the rows), disbudding, green harvest, leaf removal and choice of the best harvest days are all the keys to success in winegrowing.

Malbec is the historical grape variety of the Chateau Magdeleine-Bouhou since the 19th century.

In addition to the soil quality, the grape variety has also a great importance. The Bordeaux great wines have always been made from a blend of traditional grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec. This last one is the historical grape variety of the Blaye Region and of the Chateau Magdeleine-Bouhou since the 19th century. It has an original, complex and expressive aromatic potential.

Muriel Rousseau-Revaire honours the Malbec variety through a special Cuvee “La Petite Madeleine”.

L'évidence du parcellaire

The cellar was rebuild in 2009. To adapt the winemaking process to different plots of the property, several small thermo-regulated concrete vats are now available. An automatic “pigeage” method is used for the extraction (mix grape skins through the liquid), this process is one of the best to extract the fruity aromas and to produce silky wines.

For our “Grand Vin”, the aging is done in French oak barrels for 12-14 months. We use a third of new oak barrels each year and we adapt the level of toasting to vintage.